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Our Solutions

Introducing a New
World of Possibilities

High-speed industrial direct-to-shape digital decorators for mass production

The Velox IDS series is the next generation of industrial decoration systems. Based on its dual-pillar technology of system architecture and inks, coupled with first-class technical support, it delivers superior quality, high speed, and low total cost of ownership (TCO), while improving the sustainability of packaging decoration.

Velox IDS 250

Direct-to-shape digital decoration solution for the mass production of plastic and aluminum tubes and aerosols at up to 250 containers per minute

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Current Market Segments

The Velox IDS 250 is ideal for the decoration of tubes, aerosols, dispensers,
and cartridges made of plastic, aluminum, and other materials.

Aluminum tubes
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Plastic tubes
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Laminated tubes
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Aerosols cans
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Silicone cartridges
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Additional Applicable Market Segments

To meet expanding market demand, Velox is continuously incorporating our
technology into machines for additional market segments to enable mass-production,
direct-to-shape digital decoration of other types of containers

Plastic bottles
Glass bottles
Aluminum bottles
3p aerosols
Beverage cans
Aluminum closures
Glass jars
Plastic jars

Professional Services

Velox offers a comprehensive range of professional services to ensure customers’ satisfaction and success.
Our goal is to help customers maximize the extensive benefits made possible by the Velox digital solution. As such, the Velox professional services umbrella spans from solution concept development through daily operation of the line, to future developments, optimization, and ongoing improvements.

Multi-tier technical support

Provides a wide array of service possibilities, starting from remote support to onsite service engineers, valuing the 24/7 production environment of our industry leading customers.

Production monitoring and optimization

Remote production analysis, identifying any issues inflicting overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), while proactively initiating improvement cycles on the technical or operational levels.

System operation outsourcing

Support with expert operators, insourced to the customer's production floor especially for peak times, during operator trainings or other SLA constraints that require additional workforce.

On-demand ink color

Ability to fabricate special inks whether to meet certain Pantone colors or functional inks for special applications.

Velox for Designers

Expert course targeting designers and/or pre-press personnel, delivering know-how and tips for leveraging Velox digital capabilities, features, and differentiating possibilities. The course focuses on shifting from traditional to digital printing and how it opens up new markets and applications.

Joint cooperation and development with brands

Establishment of third-party relationships and projects with brands, converters and Velox, to co-develop new application possibilities for limited-edition campaigns or full scale production.

Velox IDS 250

The Velox IDS 250 is a high-speed, industrial-grade direct-to-shape digital decoration solution, suited to a wide range of rigid packaging containers. It enables converters and fillers to gain a strategic leadership position and compelling competitive edge in their markets.

The Velox IDS 250 offers three sets of benefits:

  • Unprecedented decoration quality and capabilities
    Prints any decoration profile and a unique set of decoration enhancements

  • Full production speed
    Decorates in high quality at a speed of up to 250 containers per minute regardless of container size

  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
    Combination of high production speed and high ink efficiency makes the Velox IDS 250 a principal decoration technology for the production line, delivering the economics of mass-production with digital printing agility


The Velox IDS 250 direct-to-shape digital decorator delivers superior decoration quality and capabilities at high-volume production levels that outstrip both analog printing solutions and the alternative of printing and applying labels. At the same time, it allows a more efficient and flexible production process, with a low TCO.

  • Replaces analog decorators
    Matches or exceeds the capabilities and benefits of analog direct-to-shape and analog/digital label-based solutions

  • Delivers superior quality for any decoration profile
    Produces photorealistic image quality (up to 1200 dpi), with an ultra-wide color gamut, accurate color matching, and fine texts

  • Enables unique decoration enhancements
    Superior to any direct or indirect decoration solutions available on the market; uniquely enables 360° printing with no slit or overlap, on-cap and on-weld printing, selective embossing, and gloss/matte varnish

  • Allows efficient manufacturing of any batch size
    Zero make-ready costs and near-zero setup-time, with no lab preparations or calibration waste, reduce overhead and save operator time

  • Increases capacity of existing lines
    Scalable print speeds that match or exceed production line speeds, along with near-zero setup time, together improve overall line efficiency

  • 24/7 availability
    Inherent high reliability is boosted by built-in prevention, self-healing and impact minimization mechanisms

Velox Inks

The Velox IDS 250 utilizes a specially formulated family of digital UV inks developed specifically for direct-to-shape decoration. Velox inks ensure superior-quality decoration time after time, offering an ultra-wide color gamut, exceptionally vivid and intense process colors, and advanced enhancement features. With all this, they also deliver the required decoration properties and high ink efficiency.

Reflex Blue
Light Black
Light Cyan
Light Magenta
Selective Gloss
Selective Matte
Selective Embossing
Customer-Specific Colors (Optional)

Our unique system and ink technologies are backed by highly professional technical support. The multiple service plan options offer full spare parts replacement (including print heads), remote and onsite support, training, and more.

Spare parts

Help desk

Remote support

Onsite support

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