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Boost Your Operation with Direct-To-Can Digital Decoration

Redefine operational excellence with Velox's high-speed digital can decoration technology. Elevate can decoration, merge seamless efficiency with consistent quality, and set new standards for operational performance and business growth.

Boost Your Operation

Why Switch to Velox?

Near-Zero Setup Time & High Decoration Speed

Velox's digital decoration systems redefine efficiency with a mass production speed of up to 500 cans per minute and near-zero setup time between jobs. This rapid transition capability is essential for quick responding to market demands and accommodating fluctuating production schedules.

Any Run Length – No Minimum Required

The flexibility to handle any run length, without a minimum requirement, allows for unparalleled production versatility. This attribute is particularly beneficial for craft beverages that require long runs as well as short or limited-edition runs, providing a competitive edge in a market that values customization.

Short Changeover Between Jobs

The system's quick diameter changeover increases productivity and supports multiple can sizes and lengths. This adaptability is crucial for businesses that want to frequently switch between different job types and support a wider customer base.

Process Simplification

By eliminating the need for sleeve and label converting and application stations, Velox simplifies the printing process. This not only reduces the complexity of operations but also cuts down on the time and resources typically spent on the slitting station or in managing hot air tunnels.

Boost Your Operation

Expanded Business Opportunities

Short Time to Market

Reach the market faster, and gain a competitive edge in rapidly changing market environments.

Print on Demand

Respond instantly to market successes or special sales opportunities.

Product Variations

Easily accommodate different product variations, catering to diverse consumer preferences and market segments.

Seasonal & Marketing Campaigns

Capitalize on seasonal trends and marketing campaigns with the ability to quickly produce themed or promotional packaging in any volume runs.

Focus Groups

Utilize Velox IDS-NC for small-scale printing, test different product options at various points of sale and establish targeted and effective market strategies.

Print Real Samples and Last-Minute Changes

Print actual samples for approval or make last-minute changes before full-scale production.

Why shifting to Velox Simply Makes Sense?

Velox's dirct-to-shape digital decoration technology transforms can production, offering a variety of compelling reasons for companies to stay ahead.

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Superior Quality
and Advanced Features

Exceptional Quality, Vibrant Colors, Metallic Effects, and So Much More

Photorealistic imagery, smooth gradients, embellishments, and seamless end-to-end decoration are just some of the features Velox's technology has to offer.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Increased Cost Efficiency

Velox's digital technology offers unmatched speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness. By printing directly on containers, we eliminate the need for additional materials, reducing costs and production waste, and enhancing your return on investment.

Built-in Sustainability

Reduced Plastic Waste and Increased Recyclability

Velox's direct-to-shape digital printing saves tons of plastics annually by eliminating the use of shrink sleeves and labels, dramatically cutting production waste, and conserving resources.

Unmatched Speed and Volume

High-Volume Direct-To-Shape Digital Decoration

Velox delivers the highest level of decorating speed with up to 500 cans per minute. That's up to 30,000 containers in just one hour, changing the game for the beverage industry requiring small to medium production runs.

Agile and Efficient Operations

Operational Flexibility with Quick Setup and Rapid Changeover

Enjoy quick setup times and swift job transitions. With no minimum order quantity, empowering you to meet market demands faster and more efficiently than ever.

And Don't Forget!
Our Unprecedented Can Decoration Possibilities

Experience unparalleled decoration quality with Velox's advanced printing technology. Each print stands out with exceptional vibrancy, setting a new standard in the industry. With such high quality, your products are guaranteed to stand out and attract attention!

Photorealistic imagery, smooth gradients and metallic effects

Wide color gamut and accurate color matching

Seamless 360 degrees decoration and top to bottom coverage

Selective digital matte, gloss and tactile embellishments