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Our Technology

Container Decoration

Novel direct-to-shape digital printing
technology – digital decoration for
mass production

Velox’s ground-breaking technology takes digital decoration into
the domain of mass production, delivering superior printing quality, ultra-high speed and long-runs economics, while significantly improving the overall sustainability of the packaging decoration.

Velox DTS-Inkjet technology

Velox’s DTS-Inkjet technology introduces an entirely new approach to digital printing that is set to disrupt the
packaging decoration market. By developing both the ink and the system architecture from the ground up specifically
for digital direct-to-shape printing, we deliver a significant performance leap reaching far beyond any other
direct-to-shape digital printing technology.

The two pillars of the DTS-Inkjet technology are:

Adaptive Deposition Architecture™ (ADA)

Unique printing process

Variable Viscosity Ink™ (VVI)

Specially formulated digital UV ink family

This unique combination of the ink and print system architecture enables a set of attributes
far superior to any direct analog or digital printing technology to-date.

These include unmatched:

Print quality

Ensures sharp text and lines, accurate color
matching, photorealistic images

Print properties

Meets adhesion, durability, and other supply-chain / regulatory requirements

Substrate versatility

Prints directly on almost any substrate
in any shape

Industrial-grade reliability

Designed to work 24x7, while delivering consistent
printing quality, high MTBF, and short MTTR

High decoration speed

Allows high-volume production economics

High ink efficiency

Optimizes ink consumption and overall costs

Adaptive Deposition Architecture™ (ADA)

Innovative approach designed for high-speed, high-accuracy transfer
of ink to container surfaces.

  • Almost any speed and any number of simultaneous features,
    with extremely effective BOM utilization
  • Enables optimal output from each individual station
  • Extremely high-resolution images and highly precise color matching

Variable Viscosity Ink™ (VVI)

A specially formulated family of digital UV inks delivers
unprecedented printing quality and versatility.

  • Minimizes the trade-off between print quality and ink coverage efficiency, enabling highly versatile decoration
  • Exceptionally vivid and intense process colors with controlled opacity
  • Superb printing performance on any container material or coating
  • Improved adhesion and other functional properties such as low migration, and scratch- and heat-resistance

Wide Color Gamut

Over 95%
Of the Pantone Plus Color Book with ΔE < 2.0
  • Unlimited number of colors
  • Accurate color matching
  • Greater efficiency

Velox’s digital printing technology and proprietary inks dedicated to direct-to-shape applications provide a wide color gamut far greater than the ISO standard of offset presses.

The robust system holds 14 colors simultaneously – 11 process colors and 3 embellishments allowing accurately matching of over 95% of the Pantone Plus color book with ΔE < 2.0 at all times. Velox’s gamut volume of 759 is almost double the volume of the ISO standard which reaches just 402.

Container designs using any number of specific colors and Pantones are finally possible without the need to stop production to load a different process color or deal with spot color mixing and handling and without compromising on speed!

Velox's Color Gamut
ISO Coated v2 (ECI)

Significant sustainability contribution

The Velox mass production digital decoration technology delivers major sustainability enhancements
and reduces environmental footprint across every aspect of production, and beyond.


Decoration process


Full production line


Entire manufacturing site


End-to-end product lifecycle

Decoration process

  • Eliminates almost all print setup, including plates, screens, blankets, chemicals, and spot inks kitchen
  • Reduces substrate waste
  • Replaces multiple decoration technologies with one, saving on space, energy, overhead, and more

Full production line

All the benefits related to the decoration process, plus:

  • Increases the capacity and efficiency of existing lines – By significantly reducing downtime
  • Decreases the number of systems and modules needed for varnishing, coating and embellishment, ovens, and drying
  • Reduces consumption of energy, storage space, chemical handling units, and other resources

Entire manufacturing site

All the benefits related to the production line, plus:

  • Reduces inventory and eliminates overproduction – On-demand production eliminates the need to keep stock in order to meet short delivery times
  • Minimizes production constraints and simplifies logistics – By simplifying production planning

End-to-end product lifecycle

All the benefits related to the manufacturing site, plus:

  • Significantly simplifies the supply chain – With reduced transportation and logistical stock requirements, as well as improved planning and time-to-market
  • Replaces labels and sleeves with direct decoration – Saving on label substrates, glues, and logistics
  • Eliminates the need for secondary labels – Saving materials, contaminants, and inventories

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