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Velox’s Direct-to-Shape Digital Technology

Make an impact today

Velox digital decoration solutions for plastic tubes offer major sustainability enhancements over traditional printing technologies, reducing your environmental footprint across the entire decoration process, and beyond.

By printing directly on plastic tubes, our mass production solutions dramatically cut waste and reduce the amount of decoration equipment needed, as well as energy consumption. In addition, by eliminating the use of shrink sleeves and labels, Velox solutions save tons of plastics annually. The ability to print on post-consumer recycled (PCR) and other renewable materials makes the sustainability impact of direct-to-shape digital decoration even greater.

Tube decoration technology with sustainability built-in

Less Plastic

Velox’s digital technology eliminates almost all print setup materials – plates, meshes and blankets. By removing the calibration process and associated substrate waste, savings can reach more than 1.2 tons of plastics each year for a mid-sized manufacturer.

Furthermore, replacing shrink sleeves or labels with direct printing in mass production enables you to save tons of single-use plastics. Even if only 25% of the labels are converted to direct digital decoration, the reduction of related materials will total many thousands of kilograms of plastics saved yearly.

Velox also eliminates the need for secondary labels by allowing micro-segmentation by language, country or any other segmentation– saving even more materials.
Plus, using Velox's digital decoration technology puts an end to label liners and adhesives, further reducing the use of plastic.

Reduced Waste

Using Velox’s direct-to-shape digital decoration technology eliminates plate preparation, spot color mixing and chemicals that are required every time you print a new job using traditional technologies.

The Velox IDS-PT 250, which supports 11 process colors on the system simultaneously, provides highly accurate color matching, covering over 95% of the Pantone Plus color space which removes the need for spot inks kitchen.

Furthermore, by replacing decoration methods that include physical contact of the plates and colors on the tube with direct digital print that does not touch the tube surface, you’ll be able to eliminate the calibration process and associated substrate waste, saving hundreds of tubes from directly finding their way to landfills.

Less Overproduction, Shipping and Inventory

With the extremely short setup process required for Velox direct-to-shape digital decoration technology, changeover time between jobs is significantly reduced. Coupled with printing speeds that meet the production line speed, producers can now easily move to print on demand.

That means cosmetics and personal care brands, for example, can enjoy the inherent operational flexibility of digital technology, which offers any size runs at mass production speeds of up to 250 containers per minute, keeping in mind the environment, and ordering exactly what they need, when they need it.

In addition, reducing tubes overproduction means huge savings on unused inventory that otherwise goes to waste. This translates into several million tubes and tons of plastics saved, as well as storage space and the associated resources.

Energy-Saving Technology

Velox direct-to-shape decoration technology decreases the number of systems and modules needed throughout the decoration process, which lowers overall energy consumption. These include varnishing, coating, drying and even embellishment units since Velox inks include digital gloss, matte and tactile embossing as part of the system.

Additionally, by combining the benefits of offset, silk and flexo in one, the Velox decoration solution can easily replace multiple decoration systems, for significant savings in terms of space, energy, overhead and more.

Velox decoration technology provides an eco-friendly platform for meeting today’s demanding environmental requirements.

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