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How Does Digital Flexibility in Mass Production Impact Consumer Engagement?

May 11, 2020

Exciting new digital innovation makes product packaging higher quality, and faster, easier, and more affordable to produce than ever before. Coupled with mass production speed,  new designs and consumer engagement opportunities are opened up.

Brand owners are leveraging digital package printing to improve sales, better manage supply chains, strengthen the engagement with consumers and improve sustainability however only robust digital decorator that possess the following benefits can truly achieve these goals:

  • High printing quality and capabilitiesWith digital decoration, there are no color limitations and design accuracy is photorealistic. Additional digital inks can produce embellishments for design enhancements, and in beverage cans for example, designs can be printed on the entire decoration space, 360 degrees, including the chime and neck area.
  • Mass production speedenabling a quick turnaround from order to delivery. That means there is no need to keep large quantities in stock making it easy for brands to cost-effectively react to actual demand and market fluctuations.
  • Quantity independent economics, meaning any quantity – not only short runs but also mass production volumes – can be printed at an affordable cost.
  • Built-in sustainabilitydirect-to-shape digital decoration technology in mass production speed eliminates the use of materials and processes along the entire supply chain, significantly improving the environmental footprint.

The Velox IDS digital decoration solutions were designed to meet the level of quality, flexibility and cost needed so converters, fillers and co-packers can satisfy their customers’ demands (brand owners).  Having such range of solutions available in the market allow to increase brand visibility and open opportunities for consumer engagement.

The proof is in the results. With digital rigid package printing, brands can be more dynamic and innovative by changing product packaging frequently to meet consumer demands.

Researches indicate that consumers stay connected to a brand after a successful campaign that includes compelling product packaging, collection sets, and special customization by month/season, location, language, culture, age, gender, or venue. The Velox IDS  solutions enable customization in such large scale. This is further enhanced when brand owners use other methods of engagement such as special tips or contests offered in ads, on the website, or through social media.

Digital flexibility in mass production are endless once the business benefits are understood. Technology today just needs to be fully leveraged to showcase the brand and engage consumers in this new and powerful way.

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