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From Reacting to Impacting

Why direct-to-shape digital printing is the game changer the beverage can market has been waiting for

This white paper offers an insightful overview of the beverage can market, the global trends moving products like craft beer and other drinks to cans, and how the current energy crisis is helping nudge the move in this direction.

The information provided will help you understand how direct-to-shape digital printing running at extremely high speeds is changing the face of the beverage can decoration market by letting small to mid-size producers take back control of what technology they use to print, the quality, and in what quantity. This new technology is eliminating the need for extended machine setup and calibration, alongside the waste and environmental impact associated with sleeves and labels.

You will also learn how the Velox technology is spearheading the market with a unique approach to direct-to-can digital printing that includes both the system architecture and inks. These advances are ushering in a new era of dramatically reduced lead times, no minimum quantity runs, high-quality decoration and unique features, lower operational costs, and significantly enhanced sustainability.

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