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Design of the Month – Aluminum Canvas for Aerosol

September 10, 2020

As an ongoing feature, Velox will spotlight a Design of the Month that exemplifies the capabilities that exist today in digital direct-to-shape printing. The goal is to inspire and educate designers and brand owners to think beyond analog decoration to an exciting spectrum of colors, textures, finishes, and precise detail never before achieved. Enjoy!

In conventional printing technologies when the design requires decoupling the metallic effect of the substrate, the entire container is coated with white ink.  Setting aside the additional step, this process doesn’t utilize the entire design possibilities that lay within this type of container. The ability to apply white ink only on selected areas makes it possible to take advantage of the metallic effect of the substrate material, while at the same time decoupling it in areas that the metallic effect is not desired.  Velox’s digital decoration technology enables this unique ink and substrate interaction, unleashing a host of new possibilities in brand packaging design and elevating it to a new and exciting level.

In the aerosol design seen on the left, highly transparent process colors digitally printed on the aluminum substrate create a beautiful metallic champagne pink hue.

In the photorealistic image of the woman and logo area, opaque white completely decouples the metallic substrate. However, over the background, the designer chose to make use of the metallic effect of the substrate for the product name “blossom” by using Velox’s translucent inks, without the white support, to achieve the metallic greenish color. This is a beautiful example of the use of white ink on the metallic substrate used selectively to create unique and interesting designs that we do not often see on the shelves.

The image of the woman and the spring blossoms are possible thanks to 11 colors that can be printed simultaneously using the Velox IDS 250 system. This wide color gamut allows for fine gradients in the cheek and nose area. The sharp lines of the lips and eyes are made possible with Velox’s VVI Technology that controls the ink drop size to the smallest possible diameter. On the background however, the technology allows the same size drops to spread which greatly saves on ink consumption.

360-degree decoration with no seam, gap, or overlap of the design covers the entire area of the aerosol container in the most precise way, further strengthening the brand name and how it is perceived by consumers.

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