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Design of the Month – The Finishing Touch

May 21, 2020

As an ongoing feature, Velox will spotlight a Design of the Month that exemplifies the capabilities that exist today in digital direct-to-shape printing. The goal is to inspire and educate designers and brand owners to think beyond analog decoration to an exciting spectrum of colors, textures, finishes, and precise detail never before achieved. Enjoy!

What does it take to get someone to reach for a product on the shelf?

Most consumers make purchasing decisions based on packaging design alone, so it’s important to have an attractive design produced using a quality printing process.

This tube is a perfect example, combining both digital gloss and matte finishing to make the designer’s images – in this case fruit – as realistic as fresh off the vine. 

Black matte is selectively applied to the background of the tube, giving it an elegant contrast to the photorealistic images with text printed in gloss.

The selective use of gloss in bold colors (thanks to Velox’s 11 color options) and accurate ink application results in sharp, vivid images that pop off the tube.

In just one pass, highly opaque white ink is precisely applied to the text area and underneath the images, completely blocking the substrate which allows the design to be printed on any color tube. The vibrant images and text really stand out against the dark, muted background.

The ability to include the cap as part of the decoration space, and to print 360 degrees with no seam, overlap, or gap, makes digital DTS a superior printing option – the finishing touch – for rigid containers. 

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