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Design of the Month – Great Potential for Aluminum Tubes

April 7, 2021

As an ongoing feature, Velox will spotlight a Design of the Month that exemplifies the capabilities that exist today in digital direct-to-shape printing. The goal is to inspire and educate designers and brand owners to think beyond analog decoration to an exciting spectrum of colors, textures, finishes, and precise detail never before achieved. Enjoy!

Did you know?

About 25 percent of all tubes sold are made of aluminum. It makes perfect sense when you consider the advantages this substrate has to offer:

  • Aluminum tubes are 100% recyclable
  • They provide an impermeable barrier, which makes them best suited for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food
  • The material guarantees a long shelf-life by protecting the contents from moisture, air and other external conditions
  • Aluminum is lightweight

Combining the substrate’s advantages with high-quality decoration and unique capabilities results in a powerful packaging solution. Let’s examine the beautiful design of the Salmon Paste tube featured here.

The aluminum tube is printed top-to-bottom with white ink except for where the fish tail and product text appear. The ability to selectively print white ink makes it possible to take advantage of the metallic substrate to upgrade the tube appearance and reach higher decoration levels without the need for additional processes. In this example, the fish image printed on the aluminum tube comes to life with silver scales, allowing the tube natural color to provide foil-like silver in this area. Likewise, the gold sheen in the product name “Salmon” is enhanced by the aluminum’s natural gleam. Using Velox’s translucent inks of yellow and light magenta on the metallic substrate creates a metallic gold using only process colors – a nice complement to the silver color of the fish.

The fine detail of the fish image, down to a single scale, is highly realistic thanks to the accurate color registration and high printing resolution achieved with Velox technology. In a closer look, one can notice that the fish image extends all the way to the shoulder area, a decoration feature that is unique to Velox. Printing on the shoulder as well as the cap of the tube allows a more holistic and high-end decoration, which makes the product stand out on the shelf and increases brand power.


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