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Design of the Month – Shades of Grey

April 14, 2020

As an ongoing feature, Velox will spotlight a Design of the Month that exemplifies the capabilities that exist today in digital direct-to-shape printing. The goal is to inspire and educate designers and brand owners to think beyond analog decoration to an exciting spectrum of colors, textures, finishes, and precise detail never before achieved. Enjoy!

This plastic tube design is a striking example of how black and white photography can be used to draw consumers to a brand. In this particular example, you can see very fine shifts between white, grey and black, from the subtle shading of the model’s cheek to the bold eye and eyebrow.

Digitally printed Direct-to Shape, the soft lip contour and smooth skin tone of the face are possible using Velox’ unique ink chemistry that controls the drop diameter and the existence of light colors to achieve complete photorealism. This special ink technique is also mastered in the intricacies of light and dark in the pearl necklace.

Black and white printing like this is near impossible with analog printing because of the many shades of grey needed to reach this level of quality. This is no longer an issue with DTS digital decoration.

Here, design excellence is also achieved by making the cap part of the decoration space. In this case, the pearls and black satin glove beautifully extend beyond the tube. And, the image is printed 360 degrees, end-to-end (width and length), so there is no seam, gap, or overlap to distract from the design.

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